Thursday, May 8, 2008

Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival

Last weekend was the annual Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival and it was pretty great. My group included my two year-old niece B., so this year our visit was all about the animals. We got in plenty of face-time with the baa-baas, and visited the llamas, alpacas, rabbits, and those precious mini angora goats. I have been told there is talk of eliminating the non-sheep animals at future festivals, and I think I speak for toddlers (and their handlers) everywhere when I say this would be tragic. Perhaps we could mount some act of civil disobedience; species-discrimination will not be tolerated!

Here is the wrap-up of the event according to B.:

Best part of the festival: 3 pavilions of wall-to-wall sheep

Worst part of the festival: not being able to "hold the baa-baa in my arms"

Yummiest food: sugary pecans

Ickiest food: lamb (also most traumatic food)

Best vendors: Anything with needle felted animals

Most mesmerizing demonstration: spinning wheels go round and round

Be sure to bring: your own potty. The bathroom lines can be long.

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